Floor Plans

Sample Floor Plans and Designs

1 story 4 TOWNHOUSE DEVELOPMENT (1) Plans image 1
2 story 1 Suite 2 House x

 Sample Floor Plans: Click for Large Image

 1 story 1 1 story 2 1 story 3
One Storey One Storey / Suite One Storey / Bonus-Room
1 story 5 2 story 2 2 story 3
One Storey Two Storey Two Storey
 Suite 1  Suite 3
Office with Suite Above Cottage

We have experience creating several different kinds of plans including:

One Storey Two Storey Three Storey
Cottages Townhomes Commercial Buildings
Barns Garages Commercial Developments

West Coast Design provides design services based on the needs of the client, whether it be a small addition or a complete home.   Please come prepared to discuss your budget goals, needs and site requirements. Gather design ideas from home design magazines and other sources. Have a written list of room sizes & function of each space. Bring any legal documents pertaining to your lot.

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