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West Coast Design will meet your needs

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Designers and owners Randy Clarkston and Laurie Wallace

We have 35 and 18 years respectively of construction and drafting experience. Many of our custom home designs come from the amazing natural landscape that surrounds us, resulting in a specialization of the “West Coast” style of architecture. We have had many designs chosen as winners in residential and multi-family/townhouse Care awards.
We take pride in our work and always look out for the best interest of our clients. Whether it is advice on how to make an entire subdivision work or on how to create a comfortable, personalized home                                                                       

We have experience creating several different kinds of plans including:

One Storey Two Storey Three Storey
Cottages Townhomes Commercial Buildings
Barns Garages Commercial Developments

West Coast Design provides design services based on the needs of the client, whether it be a small addition or a complete home. Please come prepared to discuss your budget goals, needs and site requirements. Gather design ideas from home design magazines and other sources. Have a written list of room sizes & function of each space. Bring any legal documents pertaining to your lot.

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