Floor Plans

We have a great selection of pre designed house plans either as is or with some modifications.

3D Renderings

Exterior rendered images are now extremely popular in a number of different professions. Property developers and designers are just a few who now use 3D rendering to assist in marketing property, planning applications, site boards and web sites. We can work from a variety of plans and drawings and you can choose exact building materials, external features and landscaping to enhance your images.

Custom Designs

A custom home is designed for the way you live your life and works with your site to capture views and other natural features, whether they be for narrow lot siting, sloping lot conditions, waterfront setbacks, walkout basement, crawl space, post / pier or other foundation requirements. West Coast Design combines the needs and wants of the client while being ever-mindful of the construction budget.


West Coast Design is able to provide a full range of services to take land development projects from the conceptual stage through to construction. We investigate potential obstacles to land development projects to identify and address, if possible, problems before much time and money is spent. A critical part of this exercise is pre-consulting with municipalities and review agencies, and maintaining a good working relationship with them throughout the approval process.